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Updated: 2 hours 50 min ago

Our fave moments in YouTube's 9 years

3 hours 1 min ago
Watch the very first YouTube video. Jeanne Moos celebrates YouTube's birthday with some of its best animal videos.
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Obama plays soccer with a robot

3 hours 43 min ago
President Obama takes a moment to interact with ASIMO, a robot at Japan's Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation.
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Yellow ribbons tied to high school gate

3 hours 48 min ago
The bright yellow ribbons are tied tightly to the metal bars of the main gate at Danwon High School.
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5 'healthy' foods that can backfire

4 hours 1 min ago
You've proudly switched your morning bacon, egg and cheese biscuit to a slice of whole-grain toast with avocado and hummus, and your vanilla latte has become a big glass of fresh-squeezed juice. You feel more energetic, but you're not losing the weight you thought would fall right off. What's up with that?
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Waitress trying to bury customer

5 hours 4 min ago
A former waitress is paying it forward by raising money to make sure a former customer gets a proper burial.
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1888 shipwreck rediscovered in SF

5 hours 14 min ago
For more than 125 years, the City of Chester passenger ship has been at the bottom of San Francisco Bay.
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4th graders accused of dealing pot

5 hours 15 min ago
Several elementary students were suspended after school officials found them allegedly selling and trading marijuana.
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This train is about to hit him

5 hours 18 min ago
An elderly man in the Czech Republic escaped with minor injuries after being hit by a speeding train.
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1,600 vets waited months for appointments

5 hours 21 min ago
CNN's Drew Griffin investigates 40 veteran deaths resulting from a VA hospital in Phoenix creating a secret waiting list.
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Whoa baby! Newborn weighs 14.5 lbs

5 hours 35 min ago
Carisa Ruscak tipped the scales at 14.5 pounds when she was born in Massachusetts.
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Was Pistorius coached? Does it matter?

6 hours 12 min ago
South African newspaper columnist Jani Allan accused Oscar Pistorius of taking "acting lessons" before his testimony at his murder trial. Pistorius has claimed that he accidentally killed his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp after mistaking her for an intruder to his home in Pretoria.
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What if the plane is never found?

6 hours 47 min ago
More than a month and a half into the search for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the murmurs are growing louder. What if the plane is never found?
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3 Americans killed in Afghan hospital

6 hours 50 min ago
At least three American hospital workers in Afghanistan were killed Thursday by an officer guarding the hospital, Kabul police said.
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Georgia enacts 'guns everywhere bill'

6 hours 52 min ago
Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal signs a wide-ranging gun bill into law.
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Gun law reform: Old fight, new strategies

6 hours 53 min ago
Gun-control and gun-rights forces are now squaring off in the states and their efforts are funded by backers who are pouring millions into the fray.
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Worst U.S. mass shootings

6 hours 54 min ago
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South Korean ferry

7 hours 8 min ago
The return to classes at Danwon High School was steeped in grief.
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Inside a black box lab

7 hours 9 min ago
CNN's Michael Holmes meets the experts that could possibly decode the data from MH370's black box if it's ever found.
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MH370 partner: We want the data

7 hours 14 min ago
Erin Burnett talks to Sarah Bjac, partner to MH370 passenger about the latest in the search for the missing plane.
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Mental health and guns

7 hours 44 min ago
Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen discuss, and Ros-Lehtinen says "the president is AWOL on this issue."
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